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There is also proof that the Hathor Temple on Mount Horeb within the Sinai Peninsula had been involved in the construction of this pyramids. The furnace laboratories are not only utilized to deliver food for the light-bodies regarding the pharaohs into the Star Fire tradition, but by use of the levitation potential, the huge blocks of this pyramids could possibly be effortlessly moved into place. The white powder is capable of bending space-time, providing for a gravitational attraction of less than zero, and of transposing its own weightlessness to a block of stone for, in fact. More exotically, Gardner has noted that: "The once-sealed King’s Chamber [in the fantastic Pyramid of Giza] was, in fact, contrived as a superconductor, capable of transporting the pharaoh into another dimension of space-time through the Meissner Field (a body’s polar magnetic aura)."

The possible implications associated with the existence regarding the ORME -- incorporating the white powder of gold (along with other gold and silver coins) to one’s "diet" -- is astounding. On the basis of the full range of literary works, Hudson thinks a human ingesting the ORME in the correct manner can fulfill most of the dreams for the esoteric alchemists, i.e.:

• To have perfect telepathy,

• manage to levitate and/or bilocate,

• Know good and evil when it’s in the room with you (i.e. eat of the good fresh fruit of this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil),

• Project one’s ideas into some body else’s head,

• Heal by laying on of fingers, and

• Cleanse or resurrect the dead within 2 or 3 times once they have died.

The second comes from the traditions of this Anunnaki in raising their very own through the dead (after their lineage to the Underworld), as well as the gospels of Jesus Christ.

The news that is good that the precious elements occur in herbs and numerous vegetables. Grapes, for instance, can be a primary source. A four ounce cup of Concord grape juice frozen concentrate can yield 127 mg of rhodium and 48 mg of iridium (more than an amount that is equivalent of other food). An integral to the grape’s concentration of those gold and silver is apparently attached to the fact the grape origins go a great deal much deeper to the world, where there was, evidently, a much better way to obtain the sun and rain. This explains why the deepest mines on the planet are gold mines, and moreover that volcanoes are also a supply. This implies that the inside associated with world is apparently a primary "manufacturer" regarding the elements, and therefore the ash from the volcanic eruption simply leaves downwind crop fields enormously fertile for a long time.
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Weighing in in the "Philosopher’s Stone" aspect, mystics have confidence in the possibly to govern gravity, room and time. We're just now just starting to know very well what this monatomic metal can do. Science is now just starting to realize why Monatomic Gold ORMUs ended up being very prized throughout history. Until just recently, researchers haven't been in a position to know what it actually did. Scientific studies are slow to confirm and realize monatomic elements. The ancient Egyptians and Sumerians utilized Monatomic Gold or Mufkutz in sho-bread.

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The invention relates to the monoatomic types of specific transition and metal that is noble, namely, gold, silver, copper, cobalt, nickel plus the six platinum group elements. In particular, the innovation relates to the separation associated with particular transition and noble metal elements from naturally occurring materials inside their orbitally rearranged monoatomic kinds and also the planning regarding the ge called transition and noble steel elements in their orbitally rearranged monoatomic types from their commercially available metallic molds. Within the novel materials is stable, virtually pure, non-metal-like shapes of the transitional and Edelmetallelemen te. They reveal a Elektronenbahnum that is previously unknown storage the "d" - "s" - and unoccupied "p" orbits. The electron rearrangement provides the monoatomic elements unique electronic, chemical, magnetic and physical properties which are economically ausnutz bar.